With the latest changes in the Italian bankruptcy laws, the acquisition of distressed assets from the companies has certain advantages for the investor.

In recent years, the Italian legislature, aware of the widespread crisis that has hit all industries, intervened at various times to change the bankruptcy laws with a view to:
  • enabling companies in crisis to access external administration processes;
  • protecting the going concern value of the business.
In 2012, the introduction of the article 186 bis, of the Bankruptcy Law, governed the commencement of company voluntary arrangements (concordato preventivo in continuità), inspired by the process of reorganization under Chapter 11 in the United States, which provides for the continuation of the business as a going concern for troubled companies.

The business plan, containing a description of the activities through which the continued operation will be guaranteed, must be certified by a professional as to its accuracy and feasibility. 

The reforms have thus improved the likelihood of survival of distressed but still viable companies. 

The above created room and opportunities for NEXTNOW to approach the market of distressed asset bringing the know-how gained in many years of industrial advising and turn-around business cases.

NEXTNOW is currently involved, on behalf of private and institutional clients, in several deals deriving from the potential acquisition of Distressed (although operative) assets in various sectors. Such as: large scale Solar and Wind Parks, Hotels, Residential Real Estate, large scale car-parking.