From 2010 to 2014 NEXTNOW acted as a "deal packager" in the sector of Renewable Energies, thus offering to its clients deal proposals, mainly located in Italy, witch embedded all the pre-conditions necessary for securing both the bankability and the financial performances of the deal such as: (i) the licensing system; (ii) the project management; (iii) the identification of General Contractor, contractual schemes and security package; (iv) bank finance negotiation (Term Sheet); (v) advice for finalizing the PPA and connection to the grid.

Outside of Italy, NEXTNOW took part to the Round 2 of the South Africa Energy Program submitting a bid for a 20 MW Solar Park at Pearston, coordinated the implementation of a 10 MW Solar Park in Domenican Republic, and is currently assisting an Italian client for the negotiation with Institutional Fund of a 25 MWp Solar Park, to be built in SENEGAL.

After 2014 the Italian market for renewable energy suffered a deep crisis as a result of the reorganization of Government incentives, ongoing changes in the regulatory framework and consequential termination of banks financing new projects.

NEXTNOW is currently extended its activity in the Energy Efficiency.

Main clients in the Clean Energy sector include:
  • AES SOLAR Spa (now Silver Ridge Power) - 4 solar parks 
  • ALBERGO PETROLI Srl - 3 solar parks
  • BELDI Spa - 1 solar park
  • GRUPPO COLOMBA & PAPADIA - 4 solar parks
  • PALLADIO FINANZIARIA - 2 solar parks
  • ENERIS Srl-1 wind park
Preferred General Contractors (EPC):

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